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SBOA Annual Meeting
Saturday, August 1st, Delayed due to COVID at Baby Island Club on Saratoga
Date and location to be announced. Likely some time in August.

Committees and Projects

Water shares (hookups) are allocated by Washington State and available on a first come, first served basis. Criteria for submitting an application is available in our on-line documents.
UPDATE:  Please see our recently posted article on a Water Share Lottery for one available hookup.  Owners will also be receiving this notification in the mail.


BEACH COMMITTEE Chair, Leif Pedersen
Focus is on any issue relating to the beach area: gate and lock, maintenance and repair of road, bulkhead, boat launch, and cabana area. The committee will also organize community work parties and maintain signage throughout the community.
The Nominations committee seeks Board members to replace those who have left the Board, either for personal reasons or upon the end of their term. 
The SBOA Board welcomes new members to our committees.
Please contact Diane, sarbeach@whidbey.com, if you are interested.

Our Beautiful Community

Helping Neighbors
Want to take a more active role in the maintenance of the neighborhood?  Looking for resources to help you with the upkeep of your property?  Have ideas of resources?  Check out this column and let us know how you can help or resources you think we should add!
  • "Donate your vehicle and receive $1,000 in grocery coupons from United Breast Cancer Foundation."  Non-running vehicles included and towing is free.  For information:  www.ubcf.info or call 1-877-632-GIFT.*
  • Cash for most cars - includes tow.   Christian's Auto/Metal Recycling.  Documentation required. 360.675.8442*
  • Island Recycling.  The buy cars, trucks, copper, brass, aluminum and cans, radiators and batteries.  Call 360.331.1727 for more information.*
 * Saratoga Beach Owners Association received this information from a member.  We cannot guarantee its accuracy or validity.  Its appearance in this column is not intended to imply any kind of recommendation of these services.
It is unlawful for dogs to leave the property of their owners without being on leash.  Or for them to chase "game" animals, such as deer, rabbits, birds. It goes without saying that dogs should not be chasing our neighborhood cats. Barking dogs which annoy 3 or more separate households are also in violation of the County statute. The penalty to an owner for such incidents can include pound fees and other fines.  In the case of roaming animals, it might also result in your dog's loss of life if law enforcement deems the animal dangerous.  (See our Community Standards section for more detail.)  Please do the neighborly thing and keep your pet under your control at all times.
ALSO - neighborly dogs have owners who clean up after them on walks :)  Please bring a poop bag along with you so that all of us can continue to enjoy walking our lovely community.  Thanks, in advance!
For non-financial matters, please call the SBOA voicemail number:  360-730-1343.  Email:  sarbeach@whidbey.com
For issues concerning your dues or SBOA assessments, please call Amber (O'Brien Bookkeeping) during regular office hours at:  360-331-1454.

SBOA Park Rules During COVID
Posted on May 11th, 2020
Following the Governor's mandate and for the safety of everyone:
No gathering or using physical amenities(shelter, tables, porta potty, etc).
Open for walking, running, use of ramp. Please leash your dogs.
Posted on May 11th, 2020
To update you on the problems this weekend at the well:  Scott Schmidt, volunteer board member and Chair of the Water System Committee reports that a pump failed at the well site this weekend.  Both outage events were unplanned so no advance notification was possible.  Scott was out at the pump house at 05:30 AM and called Whidbey Water out at 6:00 AM and then again later in the day when they made the repairs.  They got things repaired yesterday afternoon (5/10/20) and we are now back to normal operating status. A backup pump was purchased to continue the proceedure of having redundency for each aspect of the water system where possible.
Water Flow
Posted on May 9th, 2020
Since yesterday afternoon we have been having electrical issues with our booster pumps. A conserve water sign has been posted and this will be in effect until we get the electrician out.   Please pass the word but this is not an emergency! 
Posted on Mar 24th, 2020
PO Box 208, Langley WA  98260
sarbeach@whidbey.com    360-730-1343    www.sarbeach.com
March 25, 2020
Dear SBOA Member:
As you are aware, in June of 2018 we sent all SBOA owners notification of a lottery to be held regarding the distribution of the last four water shares available in our community for the foreseeable future.  Of the four, all were allocated and three owners have complied with the procedures and built homes that connect to an SBOA water hookup.  One owner turned down their share once they realized they would not be able to meet the building deadline. That share was offered to the final lottery entrant on the water share waitlist.  Just recently, that final lottery participant also realized they would not be able to meet the deadline. 
We are therefore holding a lottery for this remaining share. Because this water share will likely be the only one available in the community for quite some time, the owners entering the lottery must be very serious about building and be prepared to follow the SBOA Architectural Committee’s timeline and procedures for building a residence on the property, should they be allocated a water share through this lottery. 
All SBOA member owners in good standing may apply. The lottery will close on July 1st, 2020, as determined by postmark on the submissions. Diane Ashman will be the contact for requesting an application from SBOA by email, snail mail, or phone (listed in the letterhead, above). 
All applications must be returned by US mail, with an earnest money payment enclosed. The earnest money for the lottery is $2,000 and will be held in escrow and applied to the water share fee for those selected.  Entrants who do not win the lottery may have their earnest money refunded.
Applications will have a slip on the bottom, stating that the application was received and upon which a random number will be assigned when received by SBOA. A copy of this will be returned to each applicant.
The numbers will be drawn at a location and time of day to be established later, on  July 15th, 2020.  All entrants are welcome to attend.  Winners have 60 days from the award of the water share to submit a completed “Saratoga Beach Owners Association Water Hookup Application and Checklist,” which includes payment of the full water hookup fee. Additionally, please note that all SBOA water fees commence upon assignment of a water share.
If any entrant withdraws, the next entrant in the rank order is selected.  Once all lottery winners have accepted, the remaining entrants may remain, in rank order, on a waiting list for $500, and have the additional $1,500 refunded or they may have their entry fee refunded in full and not join the waiting list.
We hope this information is helpful and that it will answer your questions and concerns.
Warm regards,
Posted on Jul 7th, 2019
Many folks have noticed that the beach gate lock is missing.  We actually have two identical locks. They are not missing but have been removed because they have a malfunction that risks people getting locked in on the wrong side of the gate. 
As reported at the Annual Meeting, the board has decided on a different system.  We will be purchasing a code lock from a local vendor (who can then help us more quickly when this high use/weather exposed lock malfunctions than the off island vendor we previously used) and placards that you will display in your car or carry with you when visiting the beach.  This will allow everyone to be assured at a glance that others at the beach have right of entry, something that wasn't possible with our old system.
All this will take a little time to get organized but it is our highest priority at the moment.  YOU can help us by making sure we have your email address so that we can mail you the code as soon as we have a replacement lock (which will occur sooner than having the placards ready to mail to you.)
The Spring Work & Fun Party
Posted on Apr 28th, 2019
If you missed this, be sure to come to the next one!  We had so much fun!  And it really is a great way to meet your neighbors. 
Thank you to everyone who came and worked to make our common space so nice. And for the awesome picnic.


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