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Monthly Board Meetings
Thursday, July 16th, 6 PM at Zoom Meetings
Members are welcome to join us on the 3rd Thursday evening of every month.  There is a time for community member input and discussion.  Please email sarbeach@whidbey.com to get the link to participate.
SBOA Annual Meeting
Saturday, August 1st, Delayed due to COVID at Participate via Live Webinar - watch for registration link
Scheduling a Live Webinar.  Watch for registration.  The meeting will also be available by phone conference.  Please send or drop off your proxies to Sue Gibson, President at 3484 E. Harbor Rd. Langley, 98260.   

Committees and Projects

Water shares (hookups) are allocated by Washington State and available on a first come, first served basis. Criteria for submitting an application is available in our on-line documents.
UPDATE:  Please see our recently posted article on a Water Share Lottery for one available hookup.  Owners will also be receiving this notification in the mail.

Newsletter Editor Patty Radvick

BEACH COMMITTEE Chair, Leif Pedersen
Focus is on any issue relating to the beach area: gate and lock, maintenance and repair of road, bulkhead, boat launch, and cabana area. The committee will also organize community work parties and maintain signage throughout the community.
    Focus on Emergency Preparation, Disaster Prep.
Driveway Meeting- July 2, 6 PM See News Announcement
2 Positions opening - Please apply!
The SBOA Board welcomes new members to our committees.
Please contact Diane, sarbeach@whidbey.com, if you are interested.

Our Beautiful Community

Helping Neighbors
Want to take a more active role in the maintenance of the neighborhood?  Looking for resources to help you with the upkeep of your property?  Have ideas of resources?  Check out this column and let us know how you can help or resources you think we should add!
  • "Donate your vehicle and receive $1,000 in grocery coupons from United Breast Cancer Foundation."  Non-running vehicles included and towing is free.  For information:  www.ubcf.info or call 1-877-632-GIFT.*
  • Cash for most cars - includes tow.   Christian's Auto/Metal Recycling.  Documentation required. 360.675.8442*
  • Island Recycling.  The buy cars, trucks, copper, brass, aluminum and cans, radiators and batteries.  Call 360.331.1727 for more information.*
 * Saratoga Beach Owners Association received this information from a member.  We cannot guarantee its accuracy or validity.  Its appearance in this column is not intended to imply any kind of recommendation of these services.
It is unlawful for dogs to leave the property of their owners without being on leash.  Or for them to chase "game" animals, such as deer, rabbits, birds. It goes without saying that dogs should not be chasing our neighborhood cats. Barking dogs which annoy 3 or more separate households are also in violation of the County statute. The penalty to an owner for such incidents can include pound fees and other fines.  In the case of roaming animals, it might also result in your dog's loss of life if law enforcement deems the animal dangerous.  (See our Community Standards section for more detail.)  Please do the neighborly thing and keep your pet under your control at all times.
ALSO - neighborly dogs have owners who clean up after them on walks :)  Please bring a poop bag along with you so that all of us can continue to enjoy walking our lovely community.  Thanks, in advance!
For non-financial matters, please call the SBOA voicemail number:  360-730-1343.  Email:  sarbeach@whidbey.com
For issues concerning your dues or SBOA assessments, please call Amber (O'Brien Bookkeeping) during regular office hours at:  360-331-1454.

Happy 4th! Abide by County Regs.
Posted on Jul 1st, 2020
It's great that Island County has moved into Phase 3 on the reopening plan during the Covid 19 pandemic.  The Beach is likely to see more use now for the summer.  SBOA adheres to all the County mandates for gatherings and fireworks use at the Beach.  Please stay safe. 
APPLY NOW -Admin Position Open
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2020
We on the Board felt it important to inform the community and let everyone know that the position is open for applications. It is a part time, contractor position (average approx. 10-to 30 hours per month, but varies) and requires good computer skills (excel and word), current technology skills (facebook, zoom, texting, etc.) and general secretarial expertise.  The ability to act as ambassador to the SBOA community at large and represent us to the public is also important. 
Please email inquiries, a letter of interest, and resume to susiegibson@outlook.com.
Are You Ready? Driveway mtg July 2nd
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2020

Meeting in the driveway at 3484 E. Harbor Rd, 6:00 pm.  This meeting will focus on meeting new reps at 6, and at 6:30 pm, guest speakers from CARES about use and set up of a radio (walkie talkies) network hub for the Saratoga Beach neighborhood.  Bring your own radio or use one of ours for the evening.  Masks and social distancing planned.

Disaster Preparedness is all about “What If?”  What if there was a major earthquake? - our biggest risk for a community wide disaster.  What would you need immediately? If you were hurt or had to leave your home very quickly?  


The Island County emergency management website has advice and suggestions for each of us to be prepared.  Take a look at www.islandcountywa.gov/DEM


Our SBOA Disaster Team suggests getting started with a kit to grab and go, as well as shelter in place for at least 3 weeks.  Again, the County Website has suggestions to build your own kit as well as what supplies to keep on hand if you could not get to a store (roads out) and the water lines were broken.  Many kits are available online as well as at COSTCO.


A big need identified is communication. Our  community has identified sections where a neighborhood resident captains can be a source of information and keep you in touch if a disaster should occur.  If you might be able to help with communications for your neighbors, please let us know.  


If you have any questions, please contact a committee member or Sue Gibson at 360-969-5975 or stop by 3484 E. Harbor Rd.

SBOA Park Rules During COVID
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2020
Following the Governor's mandate and for the safety of everyone: We are now in Phase 3.  The Cabana and facilities are open for use by smaller groups. Practice Social Distancing! Members can reserve the Cabana through the website as usual.  
However, Please be advised you are responsible for your own safety!  There are no cleaning personnel or processes available through SBOA.  We suggest you use appropriate cleaning agents for yourself before and after use for the protection of all.
Open for walking, running, use of ramp. Please leash your dogs.
Posted June 21, 2020
TANSY RAGWORT is flowering early
Posted on Jun 21st, 2020

Toxic to horses, cattle, and goats. Can poison humans through milk and honey. The toxins accumulate in the body, causing irreversible liver damage and poor health or death, as more is eaten over time. Highest risk is dried, in hay, because the animal will not avoid it then.

Dig up the whole plant including roots; budding and flowering stems are easier to remove than rosettes. Flowers will go to seed after pulling, so bag and discard flower stalks. Do not pull and leave them in the road!  Do not put flowering or seeding stems in yard waste.   Put them in your garbage or a bag to take to Bayview recycle.  They accept invasive plants for free, just drop it off.   All parts of the plant are poisonous, but flowers have the highest concentration of toxins. It is advisable to wear gloves and protective clothing and wash your hands after controlling tansy ragwort.

Due to its toxicity and invasiveness, tansy ragwort is a listed Class B noxious weed in Washington - landowners are required by law to control and prevent the spread of this noxious weed.

Share Your Great Whidbey Photos
Posted on Jun 15th, 2020
Calling all local photographers!  We're looking for great photos of our area to feature on our website.  If you've captured some images you think we'd all enjoy, please email them to sarbeach@whidbey.com.  Be sure to include your name and general location so we can give you proper credit.


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