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Saratoga Beach Owners Association (SBOA) has strong beliefs in equality, diversity and inclusiveness.  As a community it is important that everyone knows that SBOA has always been committed to inclusion and accepting of everyone. We expect all of our community members to feel welcome and respected.
Policy Statement by the SBOA Board June 2020
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Regular Board Meetings
Thursday, August 18th, 3:00 at Participate via Zoom -Request link? sarbeach@whidbey.com
Regular Board Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 3:00 pm.  Next Upcoming meeting is August 18th.  All members welcome.  

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Committees and Projects

Water shares (hookups) are allocated by Washington State. All allocated water shares are currently distributed. Click Water System to find SBOA's Water Hook-Up Policy & WA State's DOH letters regarding water shares along with other system information.

WATER SYSTEM COMMITTEE  Chair, Scott Schmidt / Bill Hensler
Newsletter Editor Mary McMurtry

BEACH COMMITTEE Chair, Renee Baribeau
Re: beach area: gate and lock, maintenance and repair of road, bulkhead, boat launch, and cabana area. Organizes community work parties & maintains signage.throughout the community.
Radio Net Check In - 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 8:45 A.M. Role Call & Announcements
The SBOA Volunteer Board welcomes new members to our committees and nominations to the Board with elections held at the Annual Meeting in June. Please contact Committee Chairs, or sarbeach@whidbey.com, if you are interested.

Share Your Great Whidbey Photos
Posted on Jun 24th, 2022
Calling all local photographers!  We're looking for great photos of our area to feature on our website.  If you've captured some images you think we'd all enjoy, please email them to sarbeach@whidbey.com.  Be sure to include your name and general location so we can give you proper credit.
Posted on Jun 24th, 2022
Our long awaited summer has arrived with warmer weather, longer days, open windows and social gatherings.  Please remember when you have social gatherings we are in close proximity to our neighbors, and we encourage you to adopt Good Neighbor Policies which are described in SBOA's Standard 4.1.
   For summary or printed copy - click here       
 Noise Odors, and Lights
                Noise, odors and/lights should not intrude on the peace and tranquility of your neighbors,       except for traditional 4th of July and New Year's Eve celebrations, or special events such as weddings.  Amplified music should not be allowed to intrude upon neighbors or the neighborhood.
(These Standards are based on Island County's Public Distances and Noises 9.60.030 and apply between 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM and are under the auspices of the County Sheriff)
Good Neighbor Steps: 
When planning a large and/or potentially noisy event, please inform your neighbors so they are prepared for a noisy evening
Even though your neighbors have been informed, please be considerate of them.  Keep your music loud enough so you can enjoy it yet low enough so the sound will not disturb others
If you are still partying after 10:00 PM, please move the party inside.
Neighbors of the Party Steps:
If you are comfortable or are attending the event, you may remind the party giver to temper the sound and move inside after dark
While we hope all considerate neighbors, if the loud noise, odors or lighting persists into the night, you may call the sheriff's non-emergency phone number (360-678-6116) and report the issue.  They will respond.
Need a Beach Key?
Posted on Jun 15th, 2022
Posted on May 30th, 2022
PLEASE be advised that quick sand spots are a concern with the low tides that invite you explore the tide pools further out from the beach.  We already have reports of sinking up to your knees.  These areas are especially dangerous for the kids and dogs who like to chase the waves.  A dog whose rump sinks past your knee depth will have to be rescued!  Those large older dogs with bad hips are extremely vulnerable to injury.
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2022
Reiterated from previous notes:  With all the wind and water, slide hazards continue! 
Rem, A slide at Saratoga Beach occured recently.    Everyone needs to keep well away from the cliffs at our beach.  
This was the area where people carved names into the sand - adding to the danger.
Some young children (unattended by a responsible adult) were seen playing at the beach recently on one of the cliff slides.  This is EXTREMELY dangerous.  The children were warned off but soon went back to playing there.  The community members who saw them do all of this engaged them in a game with their own kids and kept them safe.  This time. All young children must be accompanied by an adult.
Enjoy our beautiful beach but, please, keep safe.
Water System Information
Posted on Jul 10th, 2019
Anyone interested in checking out the fine details of our water system, as registered with the State of Washington can do so by following this procedure:

1.  Navigate to WA-DOH using the following hyperlink for water system ID 76240 
2. Accept the Privacy Statement
3. Review Tabs for General Information, and Compliance


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