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1st Beach Cleanup in two years!
Work at the beach included: repairing the shingles, cleaning the cabana, cleaning of the large lower culvert, shoveling and excavating gravel at the boat ramp, digging up scotch broom, clearing the drive ditches, chain sawing the downed limbs, weed whacking/removing fallen tree at the pump house and painting at least 5 fire hydrants.  It was the first time at a clean-up event for many community members attending.  It was also a great chance to meet several new residents who came to help.  Special thanks to Renee Baribeau as chef – the hotdogs were delish, and Diane Spaulding and Mary McMurtry for setting up the tables and food.  Also, Dan Cochran, for his equipment and talents (large dump trailer and mini excavator) and the very long day he put in!  John Gibson also brought a trailer and worked a chain saw for the downed trees and branches by the road.  Renee also provided pictures for the website.  Again, thanks to all our volunteers!  




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