Water Assessment 2023
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Water Conservation
Yes, sometimes it is necessary for water conservation during dryest times of the year.    We have an aging water system and despite best efforts and backup pumps, we may experience the need for conservative and reasonable water management efforts by community members.   
The following ideas have been suggested by our neighbors at moderate/reasonable level and if the need for severe restrictions occurs.
Moderate conservation:
  1. Turn off any automatic outside watering systems such as sprinklers or soaker hoses.
  2. Avoid the use of garden hoses activities that use large amounts of water (pressure washing, deck washing, boat washing, car washing)
  3. Water outside plants only when really needed, and do it in early morning or late in the evening when consumption is lower.  Water deep and less often.
  4. Minimize in-house use where you can and look for opportunities for water reuse. Such as: shorter showers, saving veggie rinse water for flower pots, etc. 
  5. Use cooking pot water to water plants
  6. Wear your clothes an extra time or two
  7. Get a water meter to tell when plants need watering.  These devices cost between 10 and $15 and have saved me a lot of water  
  8. Doing little things: not running the tap while brushing your teeth, shorter and less frequent showers, not doing small loads in the washer. Not flushing if you only pee. It's amazing how many gallons of water do all these things.
  9. It's raining, take advantage of it. Put out some bucket to water plants later.
  10. Use eco-wash setting on the dishwasher and use later at night.
More Severe Restrictions:
Toilets use several gallons of water when flushed!  Older versions use at least 5 gallons every time. Even newer ones use a couple per flush. So, rem the poem:  If it's yellow, let it mellow!  If it's brown, flush it down!
NO running water for non- use- eg. run the shower to get wet- turn off and soap up- back on and quick rinse. 
Run one bowl of water to rinse the dishes.
 Other ideas? send to me to post on the website - sarbeach@whidbey.com
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