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Health & Safety
Did you know that Whidbey Island sits on along a serious fault line – the Cascadia Fault?  There are also several smaller fault lines on our island. More importantly is that research on the Cascadia Fault and earthquakes show that a major earthquake has occurred along this fault line every 300 years.  It has been 319 years since the last one.  It is important that we be prepared.  Predictors say not to think about “IF”,  think “WHEN”.  The place to start is with a survival kit.  The two links we have here are for 72 hours of water, food and other essentials.  This is just a start.  Current thought is that you should be ready at home with supplies for 1 month.  Think roads unpassable, no deliveries available, and no communication by phone, etc.  What will you do?
You also need to know that ALL of our support, supplies and power on the Island come into us via the Deception Pass bridge (and some by ferry).  Please note that even a weaker quake can shut down the bridge until engineers can verify it is safe for traffic.  Estimates include 3- 6 weeks before use could be restored, barring that it is totally unusable.  Whidbey Island is not a major population center for higher priority assistance.
 Please check out the Island County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Website at:
https://www.islandcountywa.gov/DEM  for up to date information and planning tools – even an AP for that!
Island County Department of Emergency Planning (DEM) now has a mobile phone app that will provide valuable tools for Island County Citizens to prepare for emergencies and disasters.
The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act.
Prepare now for a sudden emergency.
Take time as a family to prepare yourselves in the following areas:
STORE WATER  - 2-3 weeks of drinkable water is suggested.  Rotate through your storage to prevent a stale taste.  
72 hour prep kit (click to open)  Take a GO BAG with you when away from home.  Ferries and the Bridge may not be available.

72 hour food and evac kit (click to open)


SBOA Emergency Preparedness Captains  --  Volunteer for your neighborhood!
The goal of our Neighborhood Captains position is to act as a neighborhood representative/resource to disaster preparedness functions, primarily to enhance communication about disaster preparedness, and most especially in the case of an actual disaster or environmental event such as a well outage.  Join a great group of your SBOA neighbors!  Find Your District  North SBOA  A-D  Center SBoa  E- I  South SBOA J-L    Contact your Captain  with questions or readiness suggestions.


Radio Network for Communication during emergencies


Got a walkie talkie radio?   Join our network check-ins to help insure communication through out the community during normal communication outage.  Privacy setting 0, channel 1.  Every Thursday morning at 9am. Ham radio operator? We need you to connect to the Island support.   

Please contact Dorothy Kulwin, Board, and Network Coordinator.



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