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Water System
For the most detail, you may check out the Washington State web site at:
Click on this link
On the State web site:
Click on ACCEPT.  Then SUBMIT.
Put in water ID# 76240 (in the top left corner box - no need to fill in any of the other boxes.)
Then SUBMIT (at the top)
For water quality report data:
Click on SAMPLES. (Roughly in the center of the menu of tabs at the top.)
(Click link, above, to view)
Quarterly meter readings:
First quarter 2016 Second quarter 2016 Third quarter 2016 Fourth quarter 2016
First quarter 2017 Second quarter 2017 Third quarter 2017 Fourth quarter 2017
First quarter 2018 Second quarter 2018 Third quarter 2018 Fourth quarter 2018
First quarter 2019 Second quarter 2019 Third quarter 2019 Fourth quarter 2019
First quarter 2020 Second quarter 2020 Third quarter 2020 Fourth quarter 2020
First quarter 2021 Second quarter 2021 Third quarter 2021 Fourth quarter 2021
First quarter 2022 Second quarter 2022 Third quarter 2022 Fourth quarter 2022
First quarter 2023 Second quarter 2023 Third quarter 2023 Fourth quarter 2023
First quarter 2024 Second quarter 2024 Third quarter 2024 Fourth quarter 2024
First quarter 2025 Second quarter 2025 Third quarter 2025 Fourth quarter 2025
First quarter 2026 Second quarter 2026 Third quarter 2026 Fourth quarter 2026
First quarter 2027 Second quarter 2027 Third quarter 2027 Fourth quarter 2027
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