Water Assessment 2023
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Held:  June 25th, 2022  9:30-11:30, Baby Island Club, Saratoga Road
Videos and Presentations Posted:
Annual Meeting Agenda and Emergency Planning by Susie Gibson
Full Minutes to be posted when prepared.
Good Neighbor Policy by Dorothy Kulwin
Rental Owners please print and post these policies for your guests.
Boat Ramp Presentation by Scott Schmidt
Boat Ramp Planning and Expected Completion Fall 2023
Water System Planning - Assessment Proposal
Welcome and Introduction of the Board
Financial Report: Brad Lehrer, Treasurer and Jessie Porter, Honestly Bookkeeping
Review of the Year: Sue Gibson, President
    Election of Officers for open positions: Scott Schmidt and Leif Pedersen retiring from Board
         Renee Baribeau, nomination
         Bill Hensler, nomination
Community Standards Report: Dorothy Kulwin, Vice President
Beach and Boat Ramp Projects Reports: Leif Pedersen, Member at Large and Scott Schmidt
Emergency Preparedness: Status Report, Sue Gibson
IMPORTANT: WATER SYSTEM PLANNING “Our objective is to ensure that the common water resource and system is properly managed and operated for the benefit of all members”: Scott Schmidt, Water Chair
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