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  • Has there been any progress with the State legislation to allow additional water hook ups in Saratoga Beach?
    Despite the recent ruling (WA Supreme Court) upholding the 1993 Municipal Water Law that would seem to reopen our and similar community's water options, state agencies still have not worked out the details. Hence, the additional hook-ups we requested a number of years ago (a petition that provided for a given # of hook-ups to be allowed immediately, followed by a yearly allotment until build-out) remains on hold. The two state agencies involved are the Department of Health and the Department of Ecology. Quin Clements of Davido Consulting has been our consultant and liaison with the state since the beginning of our quest for additional water hook-ups. On our behalf, Quin has been routinely contacting state agency officials for a definitive interpretation of the Supreme Court decision. The most recent statement of which I am aware—issued by Erika Lindsay, State engineer, Department of Health, is as follows: "…the outlook looks good for Saratoga Beach. Since we believe they [SBOA] will be a Municipal Supplier, limits on their water right will hopefully no longer be a limitation. We are still going over the ruling with our Attorney General to see what it means on a practical level so thank you for your patience while the details are sorted out. I'm sure you will agree with me that this [the Supreme Court ruling] is a huge step in the right direction." This was sent this past November.

    The Board will continue to press for a clear and favorable outcome, based upon our original petition and this State-level ruling.
  • What was the rationale and decision making process behind our community's Water Improvement Project?
    In 2003 the Board began to investigate the recurring problems the community was experiencing with the quality of our well water and with the clear evidence of failing infrastructure (leaking and in some cases broken water service pipes that had been installed in the 60s). Following an intensive review of our facilities, the Board brought forth a specific, engineering-supported proposal to the membership for their approval. Following extensive discussions, including engineer- and contractor-attended meetings, the membership voted to pursue this project, as a comprehensive Federal loan (@ .5% interest) had been secured and community questions had been answered. Subsequent to the work performed, our new treatment plant and secure piping network has resulted in vastly improved water quality, delivery rate, and conservation of this precious resource. A recent and now-rectified incident involving failed booster pumps was in no way connected with either the new treatment plant or the replaced piping infrastructure of the system.




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